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Seattle, Washington

Steinway upright piano ca. 1900 was painted white over the original ebony finish. Several layers of paint were removed before the new finish could be applied. This case design was typical of early 20th century vertical pianos. See before photos.

I bought my piano for the way it sounded and not the way it looked.  When I bought it, the piano was covered in thick, white latex paint and had about a hundred years worth of cosmetic wear to it (the piano was built in 1892).  I knew the piano had potential and I wanted it returned as close to its original condition as possible. 

Tynis Promet came highly recommended by the manager of Sherman Clay, where I purchased my piano.  I was told Tynis would do an outstanding job and he did!  Tynis stripped the white latex paint off the piano, only to discover that there was another coat of green paint underneath.  He removed the green paint as well.  He meticulously fixed all of the dents, scratches and chips that one-hundred-plus years of use had put on the piano.  He then lacquered it to its intended black satin finish. 

Not only did Tynis do a great job, but his attention to detail was exceptional.  He cleaned all of the hardware on the piano; he fixed several of the moving parts; and, he put a new logo on it for me—all this was above and beyond the scope of what I hired him to do.  It was clear to me that Tynis takes pride in his work and that he treated my piano with the appreciation and care that I had for it.  Working with Tynis was a wonderful experience and I highly recommend his work.
ANA-MARIA POPP, Seattle, Washington


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