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Signed album cover from Journey as a thank you for piano cabinet restoration prior to their 1998 world tour.

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Master restorer of pianos and antiques

Tynis Promet began restoring antiques at the National Maritime Museum, Tallinn, Estonia in 1983. As an apprentice to Ulo Ots, son of opera singer Georg Ots, his projects ranged from preserving artifacts and medieval furniture to the restoration of musical instruments. Further experience was gained by restoring 14th century antiques from the estate of
Cesare di Spada at his Tuscan villa.

In 1989, Promet Restoration was established in San Francisco. Clients included:
     • Butterfield Auctions
     • Babey Moulton Design
     • Northumbrian Antiques
     • San Francisco Symphony
     • San Francisco Episcopal Church

Tynis relocated to Seattle in 2006 where he continues producing high quality work. Projects for private clientele include restoration of pianos, furniture, Victorian woodwork, boats and antiques. Known for attention to detail, Tynis has restored over 250 Steinway pianos.

Thank you for conservation work on this piano. It was identified as THE OLDEST STEINWAY UPRIGHT IN THE WORLD by Steinway and Sons in New York, the fifth upright made and by far the oldest extant. It won a prestigious and valuable award from Steinway and the piano was celebrated at Carnegie Hall during Steinway's 150th anniversary celebration. As part of my award they brought the piano to the New York factory and completed your restoration by renewing the hammers, shanks and dampers. I congratulate you on your part in this project.

You are a perfectionist as to the idea of preserving historical artifacts down to the smallest detail. It was a pleasure to work with you and I look forward to using your services many times in the future.



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